What to do with poo challenge

Did you know that: 21 million Kenyans use unsanitary or shared latrines and 5.6 million have no latrine at all and defecate in the open? Around 50% of the 425000 people in low-income areas of Nakuru County in Kenya lack access to adequate sanitation facilities? Towards a Solution To address these issues, Vitens Evides International, SNV, WSUP and Nakuru Water and Sanitation Services Company Limited (NAWASSCO) are working together in the years 2013 - 2017 to improve the sanitation value chain for the (peri) urban low-income areas in Nakuru County, Kenya. This Sanitation Program is aiming to: Initiate implementation with at least 7,800 Ecosan toilets sold and the rehabilitation of latrines with the potential to scale up and benefit around at least 220,000 people in Nakuru County ; Establish sustainable collection, transport and processing facilities of human waste (byproducts of digestion, such as feces and urine) to compost and urine for agricultural purposes; Demonstrate use of human waste based products in agriculture and show the potential for commercial success and sustainable business models and businesses. This poject was to increase the number of participants in the challenge.

I worked on this project for whattodowithpoo.com, organized by ENVIU. Enviu starts world changing companies. These companies are aimed to solve social and ecological issues. Their products and services serve to increase the quality of life of as many people as possible and benefit our planet.

The idea was to post this flyer inside men & women toilets, so when they are busy flushing they would keep the ideas intact for saving the world ! Now, thats a brilliant idea !http://whattodowithpoo.com/
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