Whattodowithpoo Challenge Winners

The whattodowithpoo challenge was organized by ENVIU. The global crowd come up with business concepts for products and services using human waste in Nakuru County, Kenya. This challenge aims to complete the sanitation value chain that is set-up by the Sanitation Program in Nakuru. My task was to create an illustration for the finalists and the winner. This was indeed a productive venture.

Human waste series treatment to produce 3 main products:
This proposal presents human waste treatment technology as an integrated system to generate energy for cooking, heating, and lighting and at the same time generate organic compost for food and vegetation growth. Compost can also be used for briquette. Instead of using human waste for one purpose it would be of great value if it were utilized to produce a series of various products. Each of these products has a different target group. However, briquettes will me our main product since it has a wide market all year round and is considerably more profitable than compost.
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